The 4 Most Important Gypsy Jazz Guitar Chords to Learn

This is a guest lesson by gypsy jazz guitarist Filippo Dall’Asta who is going to show you the four most important chords to learn if you want to play Gypsy Jazz Guitar like Django himself!

Note: He’s demonstrating around fret 5 of the guitar neck, but feel free to move these chords around the fretboard. 

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Chord 1: A minor 6 (Am6)

This is the typical minor chord played in Gypsy Jazz music. Instead of a normal A minor chord, this music usually adds the major 6th note of the scale. So it becomes A minor 6, or Am6.


Gypsy Jazz Guitar Chord 2: D9

Instead of a normal D7 chord, you can play a D9 to create this dominant chord typical in Gypsy Jazz music. 

It still functions as a dominant chord by creating tension towards chord 1 (the ‘home’ chord) but it adds the 9th note of the scale.