Filippo Dall’Asta

Berlin-London based Filippo Dall’Asta is an Italian Gypsy jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader and arranger, mixing the sounds of Gypsy jazz with classical music, bebop and the melodies of his native Italy, to forge his own style of progressive guitar playing.​

Filippo began playing at the age of 5 in Parma, Italy, and  studied music in his native country as well as Germany, France, Holland and India.  In 2010, at the age of 23, he arrived in the UK. He has toured and recorded with hundreds of artists such as Mozes Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Giacomo Smith, John Wheatcroft, Gypsy Dynamite, Harp Bazaar, Tara Minton (Björk), Mehboob Nadeem, The Onironauts and many more.

His touring resume covers Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, England, Malta and Russia, with notable appearances at The Royal Albert Hall, the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Union Chapel, and many festivals in France and Italy. ​

Filippo released his first solo album in December 2018: “Mediterasian”, innovative album featuring over 20 musicians in which the erratic energy of Gypsy jazz combine with the meditative sonorities of Indian music. The album was praised as “one of the best instrumental albums of the year” by LA Music Critic Awards.

He also coaches musicians around the world in how to play Gypsy Jazz guitar.


The Gypsy Jazz Quiz: Filippo Dall’asta

Q: What are your 3 favourite Gypsy Jazz albums and why?

Django Reinhardt – First Recordings

This marks the beginning of a legend, so of course is amongst my favourite Gypsy jazz records!

Selmer #607

This albums features the best players who play in modern Gypsy jazz style. I enjoy the modern way of playing as well as the old school one, so I love this album!

Gonzalo Bergara – Porteña Soledad

The compositions, the playing and the melodies are simply stunning, and a twist on the Gypsy jazz style.

Q: What’s the best venue or festival for gypsy jazz in your country?

Kansas Smitty’s in London

Q: What’s your best tip for someone wanting to learn to play gypsy jazz?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Q: Who are your top 3 favourite gypsy jazz ‘legends’?

Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, Mozes Rosenberg

Q: Sum up your music in one sentence

Mediterasian Gypsy Jazz