Gypsy Vendetta

The Copenhagen based band Gypsy Vendetta has been around since 2011. The quartet has always played the traditional gypsy jazz repertoire with strong roots in the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Along the way the group has composed its own material, which sticks to tradition, but also explores new directions – gangster-swing, balkan jazz and modern classical – to name just three.

Over the years, Gypsy Vendetta has played many hundreds of concerts, mostly around Denmark and Scandinavia.

Despite the narrow, niche-like character of gypsy jazz, the reach of the music is very wide, and the band has played everything from large and small jazz clubs and venues in Denmark, to street parties, festivals and a lot more.

Their latest release is called Odd Club Copenhagen and was described on Denmark’s national radio station (DR P8 Jazz) as “a welcoming album to get the heat up here in the cold winter. Check it out before your neighbour!” 

gypsy vendetta

The Gypsy Jazz Quiz: Gypsy Vendetta

Q: What are your 3 favourite Gypsy Jazz albums and why?

Les doigts de l’homme – Mumbo Jumbo

They have a really unique sound and amazing compositions. The tunes keep on surprising the listener with constant artistic development throughout the compositions. They manage to take the genre into the new century with a perfect balance of creativity, improvisation and complex arrangements.

Tchavolo Schmitt – Mira Familia

Tchavolos guitar playing is amazing. When it comes to the musical genre he is very convincing. It is in his blood. The sound of the album is traditional and almost anti-produced. Which really does a great thing for the authenticity.

Angelo Debarre

Well – i don’t have a specific album. But everything is great. He’s a motherfucker guitar player. He looks like he doesn’t care about anything. And his playing is a school in itself.

Q: What’s the best venue or festival for gypsy jazz in your country?

Alice (club) during Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Q: What’s your best tip for someone wanting to learn to play gypsy jazz?

Start from the beginning and listen to Django.
Become a master of the rhythm guitar part. Find someone to play the music with and evolve together.

Q: Who are your top 3 favourite gypsy jazz ‘legends’?

Django Reinhardt, Angelo Debarre, Tchavolo Schmitt

Q: Sum up your music in one sentence

Kick ass gypsy jazz copenhagen style 

gypsy vendetta